Store Anything!

Finished in Brown

PATENTED. The same details as the Bottomless Pit but this bed has the Texas headboard built in. With more storage than any other faux leather bed we have ever come across. Its’ PATENTED design allows full access to the sides of the bed, in which you can store a vast variety of home effects. Large suitcases and a myriad other things disappear into this vast cave of a bed. When the flaps are closed it is a stylish, modern, divan base which compared to ottomans and drawer divans is a very, very cost effective yet inexpensive storage bed.

4'0 (STOR40) 4'6 (STOR46) 5'0 (STOR50)

The following sizes are available:-

4ft4ft 6"5ft
All sizes are in centimetres (cm)
HeadendFootendFloor to Siderail
4ft 207 135 102 135 28 0
4ft 6" 207 150 102 150 28 0
5ft 217 166 102 166 28 0