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Mathew Crib5 Sofa

This ‘Sofa in a Box’ idea makes it easy for consumers to receive delivery and makes ease of manoeuvring.

Available in 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater or Chaise. Our Chaise option is universal so you can choose left or right upon ordering.

Ideal for homes, apartments, offices and commercial use! Made to order with a 1-2 week lead time, with the chaise having a 4 week lead time.

Quick to assemble, this sofa will fit through narrow parts of buildings in order to get to any room in the home.

It is a great addition as it won’t take up much room, it’s basic and practical features mean it can look the part in any room.

The Mathew sofa will not only be sturdy and durable due to its strong wooden feet, but it is also made of good quality materials with thick cushioning.

Made from ‘Crib 5’ hard-wearing fabric, available in Charcoal Grey fabric or Faux Leather Black.

Crib 5 also known as: BS 7177 / Source 5.  A fire safety standard which commercial furniture must meet. In accordance with The Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1988, materials used for upholstering furniture in commercial environments are checked to ensure they will not easily catch fire in normal circumstances.
It’s important to note that materials that meet Crib 5 standards (the term given to furniture and furnishings tested to meet the 1988 regulations) are not ‘fireproof’ – they prevent
the risk of a fire being started and spreading.


1 seater  85 x 75 x 86

2 seater  137 x 75 x 86

3 seater 176 x 75 x 86

Chaise  188 x 75 – 144 x 86



Additional Information

Additional information